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We provide all type of agricultural machines and equipments

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Raidco, which is the first of its kind in the Co-operative Sector in the State of Kerala has been functioning for the past 45 year and has been rendering services to the farmers by distributing Pump sets, Power Tillers, Sprayers and other agricultural implements of improved qualities manufactured by itself as well as almost all reputed manufactures firm in our country and abroad. Presently this co-operative has 44 Sales/Service outlets and five manufacturing units under its belt.

Our Services

Nourishing Farms Through Expert Consultation, Strategic Farm Setting, and Efficient Product Trading Elevating Farms through Consultation, Setting, and Trading Excellence


Farm consultation

Cultivating success through personalized farm consultations tailored to your agricultural needs

Farm Setting

Where the soil meets the soul, and every sunrise brings a new day of growth and possibility.

Product Trading

Navigating the global marketplace through strategic product trading for sustainable business growth.

Our Products

Elevate Your Farming Experience with Our Range of Essential Machinery – Pumps, Tillers, and Sprayers, Empowering Farmers for a Productive Tomorrow.

Machines & Equipments

Discover our advanced farming equipment.

Own Products

Raidco Agro offers innovative farming and agricultural products.

Pipes, Fittings & PumpSets

Upgrade water system with quality pipes, fittings, and pumps.

Fertilizer, Pesticides & Seeds

Improve crops with top-quality fertilizers, pesticides, and seeds.

Waste Management

Handle waste smartly with our solutions for a cleaner and more eco-friendly environment.

Hi-Tech Agricultural

Upgrade your farm with advanced, efficient technology with sustainable farming practices

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Explore the best in farming equipment with us. Contact us today to access a wide range of top-quality tools and machinery, tailored to enhance your agricultural operations. Your success begins with the right equipment – get in touch with us now!

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