RAIDCO Facility Center Opens Doors to Agricultural Advancements

On Monday, March 11, 2024, Raidco introduced its latest venture, the RAIDCO Facility Center, in Kannur Kannothumchal. Mr. MB Rajesh, the Honorable Minister of Local Self-Government and Excise Department, officiated the inauguration of Raidco’s facility center, marking a significant milestone in agricultural and land development solutions. This new center aims to revolutionize local farming practices and promote sustainable development through a variety of services.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by various stakeholders, showcasing Raidco’s dedication to driving agricultural innovation. Mr. MB Rajesh, the Honorable Minister of Local Self-Government and Excise Department, Mr. Ramachandran Kadannappalli, the Honorable Minister of Registration, Museum, and Archeology, Mr. M. Surendran(Chairman of Raidco), Shri. P. Shashi (Ex-Chairman, Raidco) highlighted the importance of modernizing farming techniques.

Local leaders, including Corporation Mayor Mr. Musleeh Madathil, Corporation Councilors, Officials, and Socio-Political Leaders, emphasized the community’s collaborative effort in supporting the center’s mission.

The RAIDCO Facility Center offers a range of services, from equipment repair and maintenance to manufacturing specialized structures like bottle booths and mini MCFs, supporting farmers at every step. Additionally, the center focuses on innovative technologies like vertical farming, precision farming, hi-tech farming systems, landscaping, activities such as farming management using drones, marketing of locally available agricultural produce, seeds, bio-fertilizers and bio-pesticides,promoting sustainability in agriculture.

Guests were impressed by the center’s offerings, expressing optimism about its potential to transform the local agricultural landscape and foster prosperity.

In summary, the inauguration of RAIDCO Facility Center marks a step forward in agricultural innovation, supported by Raidco’s vision and community collaboration. For further inquiries or to explore the services offered by RAIDCO Facility Center, please contact.

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